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A big thank you from out staff to our volunteers

Our Chief Officer:

I have worked in the voluntary sector for a number of years and know the value of volunteers. They are the backbone of voluntary organisations in Dudley and without them we would not be able to provide support for so many people who need it. 


You may be aware that Dudley Advocacy provide statutory advocacy where it is the local authorities legal obligation to support people who fit certain criteria. We are very pleased to offer that support. However, our 'jewel in the crown' of our advocacy is our voluntary advocacy project.


Our volunteer advocates support people who do not fit any statutory criteria for advocacy, that is, they are left without support. They 'slip through the net' and can feel as if they have no one in the world to help them. This is where our volunteers shine, their empathy, support and consideration for someone who needs their help is outstanding. 


Over the last few months, we have all learned of how people are volunteering to help in this pandemic and that is fantastic. People have shown that they are caring and willing to put themselves out to help someone else who is struggling through no fault of their own. Here at Dudley Advocacy, we have known for many years that people help others. Our volunteer advocates continue to amaze us that they are willing to put so much towards helping another person in a time of difficulty. 


They ensure that people are listened to and receive answers, that they are treated equally and with respect and that they are not discriminated against just because they may be different or have extra needs.


Thank you to all Dudley Advocacy volunteers, you are the cream of the crop and we are so lucky to have you in our team.


Our Volunteer Development Officer:

I am extremely privileged in my role as Volunteer Development Officer to be able to share the volunteering journeys of some truly awesome individuals.  I see & feel their passion & desire to make a difference from their first enquiry, through to the Volunteer Advocate Induction Programme & finally when they begin their role advocating for people with learning disabilities.


Dudley Advocacy Volunteer Advocates come from all different walks of life, their backgrounds are richly diverse & each one of them bring something unique to the table.  Differences in life experiences, professional backgrounds, age, gender, ethnicity, race, sexuality & disabilities all make for a strong, unequivocally multifaceted group of Volunteer Advocates.


Our Volunteer Advocates provide independent, user-led advocacy to support people in our community that may have ‘slipped through the net’ – they provide a lifeline to these people & ensure their voices are heard & their rights are upheld.  They continue to empower people to make choices in their lives & be part of decisions that affect them.


Dudley Advocacy Volunteer Advocates are continuing to smash down barriers & stereotypes that are prevalent for people with learning disabilities in our society.


As well as advocating for people, our Volunteer Advocates support one another in sharing knowledge by delivering training & awareness sessions in their areas of expertise.  They also support me to raise awareness at events & training sessions.


I am so proud of each & every one of our Volunteer Advocates.  They are the core of our organisation.  They are selfless, generous & passionate people who provide something much more than money could ever buy.  It’s very important to me for them to know how valued & appreciated they all are.  I would like to thank them all on behalf of myself & all of the staff team & trustees at Dudley Advocacy. Thank you!


Our Complex Needs Advocate:

As someone who started off as a volunteer advocate, I just want to make our current volunteers feel as valued as I did. Thank you for everything you do to help people strengthen their voice. The time you give up and the contributions you give are invaluable; you deserve more than a week of celebrations!


Our Senior Advocate:

Dudley Advocacy Volunteers offer the organisation and the people we support their knowledge and expertise to help individuals speak up for themselves, they give their time and commitment to people so that their voice can be heard. Their passion to want to empower people is the heart of the company. Our Volunteers bring a diverse range of skills and experience which enriches the lives of the people they support. 

Our Independent Mental Capacity Advocate:

Dudley Advocacy's volunteers are a special breed of people. To undertake any volunteering role highlights dedication and commitment to a particular cause. However, to volunteer their services in situations where they can play such a crucial role in improving someone's life and having the sense of responsibility that goes with it, often dealing with complex, stressful and emotional situations is what sets them apart for me. They continually ensure that service users have someone on their side, giving a lot of people a sense of self-worth.

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