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Volunteer Advocacy

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Dudley Advocacy offers advocacy help for people with learning disabilities and learning difficulties

Advocacy is to help people to have their voices heard about problems that are important to them

This is done through the Volunteer Advocacy Project


Volunteer Advocates help people one to one

A Volunteer Advocate is a person who helps someone with their problems and does not get paid money


This is done when an issue is found, and Dudley Advocacy can help


A Volunteer Advocate may help people for a short time (crisis advocacy)

Crisis means a time of difficulty or danger





A Volunteer Advocate may help people for a long time (citizen advocacy)


Citizen advocacy is to help a person with a learning disability or learning difficulty for a long time

The Volunteer Advocate may help people to

Get information so the person can make their own choice


Help someone to write a letter 

Make phone calls


Ask questions in place of the person they help


Help the person at meetings


Change information so that the person can understand it


Help the person to complain when things are not right


All the Volunteer Advocates are DBS checked and trained

The DBS service checks to see if the volunteer has broken the law

DBS means Disclosing and Barring Service.



Please click here to ask for a Volunteer Advocate


You can ask for an application form in Easy Read if you need it.

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