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Complex Needs Advocacy

A Complex Need Advocate helps people who have moderate to severe learning disability. They may also have lots of health needs. 

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The Complex Need Advocate can help you to be involved with any decision affecting your life. This may include things such as:

  • Accommodation

  • Care

  • Support

  • Relationships

  • Social activities

  • Education

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The Complex Need Advocate can help you by:

  • Finding out information for you

  • Give you your options

  • Time to think about your choices

  • Help you to say what you want

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Sometimes a person’s needs are so complex that they may not be able to make a decision. This means that they lack capacity to make that decision.

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If you lack capacity to make a decision. The Complex Need Advocate will help you to be involved by:

  • Finding out what you like

  • Finding out what you do not like

  • Finding out if you have any beliefs

  • Talking to people who know you best, this may be your family, friend’s carers and professionals.

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There are some things that the Complex Need Advocate cannot do, they cannot:

  • Do the test to see if you are able to make the decision.

  • Give you advice or choose for you.

  • Take other people’s side.

  • Stay working with your once the issue has been sorted

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If you need to talk to your Complex Need Advocate then you can call this number:


01384 456 877

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