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Care Act

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Care Act Advocacy

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A Care Act advocate can help you to get the things that matter to you in your life.


The Care Act says that adults living in Dudley should have access to information and advice on your care and support and to keep you safe from abuse and neglect.

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You can have a Care Act advocate if there is no one that can help you, and if you find it difficult to be involved with your care and support planning, assessments, reviews or safeguarding issues.

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Care Act advocacy is about giving you control in your life.

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A Care Act advocate can help you to understand information.

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A Care Act advocate can help you to say what you want and need.

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The Care Act advocate have the right to look at your health or social care records to help you with your:

  • Assessments

  • Care planning

  • Reviews

  • Safeguarding

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A Care Act advocate cannot:

  • Choose for you

  • Be your friend

  • Give you advice

  • Take other peoples side

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If you need to talk to your Care Act advocate then you can call this number:


01384 456 877

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